Unresolved conflict ruins lives. It ruins lives in domestic relations that have soured. It ruins lives and careers in schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations. Unresolved conflict takes its toll within the local community and between nation states. When unresolved conflict escalates, violent “solutions” lead to protracted cycles of injury and revenge.

Such conditions need not persist. There are proven ways to manage conflict and resolve differences, approaches that lead to changed hearts. Peacemaking is an art that can be learned.

Our mission is to make the techniques, skills, processes, and approaches of conflict resolution better known. We also seek to resolve conflict through delivery of mediation services. In addition to peacemaking we deliver creative services that help clients improve communications.



Mediation is offered through Mediator Stone Services. Disputes mediated include litigated cases and as well as conflicts resolved outside the legal system. In addition, we specialize in faith-based conflict resolution and pastoral counseling. Services include single party conflict coaching and group facilitation, as well as “learning conversation” design.

Education and Publishing

Pink Unicorn Publishing offers materials devoted to conflict resolution such as Preparing for Mediation: A Practical Guide.

Teahouse Media also seeks to collaborate with individuals and organizations in the creation of media products that promote dispute resolution.

Media Production

Spout Creative provides design services, specializing in media and graphics production for print, video, and interactive platforms. Services also include book design and formatting.

We produce media products for training, marketing, advertising, and documenting newsworthy events.

Services include consultation regarding the best ways to tell your story or promote your products.

We provide content creation, design, production and consultation.